October 16, 2003 – August  8, 2014
Can. CH Kenon’s Hocus Pocus – my Elsie....what a stunning reverse brindle!!  I truly have never seen a Boxer so black as Elsie (named Elsie as she looked like a cow with that black and white coat!).  Elsie was so very special, she entered the show ring thinking it was hers for the taking!!  I sent her to Canada and in two weekends, she attained her Canadian title.  Back home she came, but not so successful in the U.S.  She looked different from all the rest of the bitches in the brindle classes.  I showed her myself for a time, where she never once failed to give me her all.  In fact, she pranced her way around the ring and in her mind, won every time.  She was a sweet, sweet girl although never quite “fit” with the fawns here at home.  She was a healthy little girl, never getting sick a day in her life.  She gave me one litter of 4 puppies and, in her princess way, said, “I’m not taking care of those little monsters – YOU wanted ‘em, YOU take care of ‘em”!  Yep, that was my Elsie.  Elsie lived a good long life, suffering from DM in her final years, and succumbing to lymphoma at two months shy of her 11th birthday.  We will always remember Elsie fondly and with laughter—she was one in a million.

Karli   November 6, 2003 to June 12, 2013
Passed from DM
Karli was my first champion.  She started her show career as a youngster at 6 months and at age 17 months was awarded her first major by the late renowned Judge Annie Rogers Clarke.  She competed in the Open Fawn class a day shy of 18 months at our National Specialty in 2005 and was awarded 4th.  She finished her championship in July 2005, racking up a total of 4 majors and 18 points.
I took some handling classes and entered her in the 2005 Regionals.  Owner-handled, Karli and I were awarded Best of Opposite Sex to Ch. Brookwood’s Mystic Warrior (Tommie).  In 2010 Karli was again owner-handled to an AOM over specials at the Palm Springs, CA specialties.
Karli was a beautiful Boxer; very typey, strong in head, beautiful conformation and moved like a dream.  My dreams of having Karli babies were dashed when health testing was done.  She was diagnosed with mild SAS and then ARVC. 
I never had the Karli daughter or son I so dearly wanted.  Clearly my heart is broken as I will never look into those dark brown eyes again.  She will not be remembered for her offspring or her “Specials” career, as that wasn’t in God’s plans for her.  I think He gave me Karli to educate me; to help me become a more ethical being, to teach me humility and strength of character.  To Karli, I say “Thank You”...

November 18, 2005 to August 5, 2013

Congestive Heart Failure
We lost our Coopie August 5, 2013 from dilated cardiomyopathy.  Cooper was our first male champion and our first “special”.  He was a great boy, loving his family and his Boxer girls.  He loved being at home and protecting his family, both human and Boxers.  He loved children and being around my grandchildren. 
Cooper finished his championship at 17 months and was then specialed in 2008.  He did well, but did not make the Top Twenty.  He came home in 2009 with us and lived a typical Boxer life of leisure and luxury. 
In 2010, he was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy and was put on meds.  We were able to keep him alive until 2013.  My husband was Cooper’s best friend.  He and Cooper had a true bond; both loved each other.  It was so hard to make the decision to help Coops across the Bridge, but when the time came, my husband held him as he was released from this life....

My first Boxer adopted our family when I was 9 years old.  This picture shows Queenie sitting beside me -- I guess I'm playing dress-up--LOL!  Queenie was of unknown age when she adopted our family -- yes she was a stray.  One of my favorite stories was my mother telling me when I was 16 and first driving that she always felt safe when I drove away with Queenie in the car with me because I'd never drive like a teenager with Queenie in the car.  She was a great family dog and started my love for this breed.

DOB 7/9/90   DOD  7/15/99


Princess was a present from my husband when we relocated to Tennessee in 1990.  I was so very homesick for California, I asked for a dog.  Well, the kids and I visited a back-yard-breeder in Lookout Mountain, TN and came home with Princess.  She was a wonderful Boxer and we were devastated to lose her at 9 years old to cancer. 


DOB  9/18/92    DOD  12/27/98


Lady was our little "Zipper Dog" as she was a very small Boxer (only 45 lbs) and had such a huge under bite, she couldn't keep her teeth in her mouth (but, hey, we bought her from a lady in Ft. Payne, AL from the back of a pickup truck)!  She was also nick-named "Houdini Dog" as she would consistently get out of the run and I'd find her waiting patiently on the front porch of our house in TN.  She was a real trooper, having been hit by a pick-up truck on one of her adventures and almost didn't make it through that surgery (diaphramic hernia). We sadly lost her at a very young 6 years old to lymphoma.  We loved each and every day with her and Princess -- they were inseparable.


DOB  8/30/98   DOD 10/7/02

Bridgit was whelped by my neighbor for the late Pete Delano.  When I saw this beautiful litter of fawn puppies, I knew I had to have one.  Lady was sick with lymphoma and old Princess was going to be sooo very lonely.  So, home came Bridgit.  She was never registered as I had only had pets and planned and did spay her at 6 months.  From Bridgit, I learned first-hand about ARVC.  Bridgit was a mere 4 years old.  Having experienced this tragedy, I began to educate myself about the diseases affecting our Boxers.

Sleep well, my Bridgit -- you were my Dancing Queen


DOB  3/5/99  DOD  3/22/08  (9 years young)

Annie is pictured on the opening page of my website -- she and I together.  Annie was our funniest Boxer ever.  Once we entered into the "show boxer mentality" we used Annie as "everything wrong with a Boxer"!  This was all in jest, as we couldn't have loved her more!  Yes, she was roachy-backed, snipy muzzle, flying nunn ears, virtually no tail, toed-in......but Annie was a peach of a Boxer.  She is proudly displayed on the ABCF Memorial Wall.  I held her in my arms as she passed away.  Each of us are given by God a certain number of heartbeats, and Annie had used hers up.  Oh, how she didn't want to leave us, she fought it, but her old heart finally gave out.  She and Bridgit were best friends....the best ever.  Annie tried, but was never able to bond again with another of our Boxers like she did with Bridgit.  It's hard to even say "Annie" without saying "Bridgit and Annie".  We miss you, Annie, and will never ever forget you...


Rescued 2003 -- DOD 10/24/07 (old age)

Bella, what can I say?  I saw Bella at the Boxer Rescue booth at the Orange County Pet Expo.  It was an immediate connection -- she looked at me with those dark, dark brown eyes and I was immediately in love.  Bella was a senior foster and no one wanted her.  Oh, but I wanted her.  Bella was probably abused and bred over and over; probably every season and when she couldn't produce any longer, left on the streets to fare for herself.  That day, then and there in April 2003, I promised her she would spend the rest of her life in Boxer luxury. 
Bella walked into our house like an old grizzly Army sargeant and you could just hear the words out of her mouth to the other dogs, "Okay, gang, I'm here and these are the rules -- listen up!".  I had to laugh -- she ran up the stairs and then came tumbling down, walked outside and immediately fell into the pool (I had to get her out) and then walked back into the house and promptly peed on the floor!  I thought, "OMG what have I done?"  The next day, she went to my vet for a complete workup and an afternoon at the doggie day spa.  I know she thought, "I've died and gone to Heaven"!
Bella loved children and taught more than one grandchild to walk with a young toddler holding onto her back for balance.  She was a fierce protector of our family and taught me the joys of a bitch in season (yes, she had a C-section scar the rescue mistook for a spay scar).  She was spayed after her season, but never lost her motherly instincts for puppies.  When Elsie had her first and only litter, Bella took over raising the puppies when Elsie decided she was absolutely DONE with nursing puppies at three weeks.  Bella loved those puppies; rolling on her sore old back with puppies crawling all over her.  They were HER puppies and she taught them puppy manners.
Bella began to fail in late summer 2007.  Then, the fires of San Diego County started.  We were evacuated from our home and had to stay at a doggie friendly extended stay hotel about 60 miles north of us.  Bella just could not adjust to this change.  She became incontinent and stumbling.  My husband and I cried as we made the decision that was best for Bella. 
Bella will never be forgotten and more pictures of her are on our "Candids" page.  She is proudly on the American Boxer Club Charitable Foundation Memorial Wall.  She may not have had a date of birth or a number, but she was BOXER through and through.  Rest in peace, Bella mi Bella, we all miss you.




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