We have NO available puppies at this time.

From our 2012 litter- this is Semi and Celine

Feel free to fill out our puppy application - if we don't have any puppies, I may forward your application to breeders that I trust.

All puppies are sold on contracts.

All pets are sold on spay and neuter contracts - NO exceptions

We do not breed for quantity, we do breed for quality.  With this in mind, we do not breed every year.    Feel free to email us, I do answer each email and if I don't have a puppy for you now, I would be happy to direct you to other breeders that I know of in the area.

All Show Prospect puppies are chosen based on their structure and attitude.  Once the Pet Quality puppies have been determined, I then choose families for those puppies based on the puppies attitude and the activity level of the prospective families.  With this in mind, it may not be possible to sell to you the Flashy Fawn female of your dreams, though I do my best to accommodate all requests.  I do not evaluate the puppies for show or pet, until the puppies have reached at least 8 weeks old, and then the puppies will  begin to leave shortly thereafter. 

All puppies are sold to approved homes only.

All of our Pet Quality puppies are sold on a neuter/spay contract and with a AKC Limited Registration.  The difference in Full Registration and Limited Registration is that on as a Limited registered puppy, you can not show the dog in the Conformation Show Ring at an AKC Dog Show and if you were to breed the dog, AKC would not recognize any of it's offspring and would not allow the registry of the puppies.  You can however compete in the many Performance events, such as Agility, Tracking, Obedience and Rally.

Why you might ask, do we go through this lengthy process??

Because these Boxers are being sold/placed as pets and companion animals, they are NOT breeding stock.



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